Aqua Arc™ and Albixon™ 

Swimming Pool, Spa and Other Enclosures

“Better than a pool blanket cover and pool heater together!”

Aqua-Arc™ and Albixon™ Swimming Pool and Spa Enclosures are a unique method of enclosing your swimming pool or spa. They keep out contamination from wind and rain while simultaneously ensuring a warmer pool water temperature throughout the year and allowing you to increase your swimming pleasure.

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Through natural solar heating, Aqua-Arc™ and Albixon™ Pool Enclosures capture the sun’s warmth within and extend your swimming season each year. Aqua Arc’s specially chosen twin wall or Albixon’s solid polycarbonates in the easy-glide aluminium segments help to protect your family and friends from harmful Ultra-Violet rays.

By totally enclosing your swimming pool or spa you’ll be able to provide increased safety for your children and pets and at the same time exclude unwanted pests and debris.

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And you’ll enjoy the savings in time and money from lower pool maintenance, including a reduction in the frequency of cleaning, chemical checks and the topping up of swimming pool water levels.

Aqua-Arc™ and Albixon Swimming Pool and Spa Enclosures are custom-manufactured in central Europe to high European quality standards to fit Australian climate conditions and for most swimming pool sizes. 

We also custom manufacture pool enclosures for people with some form of disability. Our enclosures have proven to benefit greatly in this situation.


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Aqua Arc

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  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Seals your pool to keep out leaves, dirt
  • Prevents heated pools from cooling so fast
  • Forms a shield against the wind
  • More benefits than a pool blanket



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