“A lot more benefits than a pool blanket or a pool cover.” 


  •   Reduces water evaporation

So you don’t have to top up the water in your pool so much.

  •   Cover your pool to keep out leaves, dirt and debris

Spend more time with your family – You won’t have to clean your pool so often.

  •   Reduces the frequency and quantity of chemical treatment of water

Saving you time and money in looking after your pool.

  •   Provides additional protection for the safety of children and pets

By having the option of totally closing off your pool, you have peace of mind of additional safety for your loved ones. Additional safety extends beyond your pool fence.

Albixon enclosures are now available with lockable keys

  •   Keeps water and air under the enclosure at a more consistent temperature

Now your swimming season is extended.

  •   Prevents heated pools from cooling so rapidly.

Lowering the need for pool heating, thereby saving on your energy costs as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  •   Special polycarbonate reflects much of the sun’s ultra-violet radiation

Helping to protect your and your family’s skin from harmful U-V rays.  

  •   Forms a shield against the wind

Making swimming an even more pleasurable experience

  •   Many more benefits than a pool blanket provides

Without all the hassles of laying out and removing a pool blanket – simply glide the Aqua-Arc™  or Albixon™ enclosure segments along the tracks and lock them into place. As simple as a pushing a door!!

  •   Natural solar heating

Our customers have reported an increase temperature on average 10*C through winter time.

  •   Reduces water overflow and flooding around the pool area and prevents the pool filling- overfilling 

  •   Reduces the frequency of running your pump 

customers have reported reduced need for running the pump up to on average of 70%, this reduces the power bill