Extra length, width, and height

Each Aqua-Arc™ Swimming Pool Enclosure is made-to-measure according to the size of your swimming pool and the product design you choose – whether the Practical, Symphonic or Exclusive Design. In addition, if space around your swimming pool permits, you can request additional length, width or height to your enclosure when ordering.

Whatever your personal preference as to the dimensions of your Swimming Pool Enclosure, we will personally inspect the intended site of your Aqua-Arc™ Enclosure installation and discuss your choice with you. This way, you can be sure that your made-to-measure Aqua-Arc™ Enclosure is the most suitable choice for your requirements.

AArc_Play_4_sm.jpg AArc_Play_2_sm.jpg

Track extensions.

In addition to having a longer or wider Aqua-Arc™ Swimming Pool Enclosure, you may choose to request additional track length. Extra length to the tracks can allow you the benefit of greater access to your swimming pool when the Enclosure is not in use. Simply open your Aqua-Arc™ Enclosure by gliding the Enclosure segments along the extra track length beyond the end of your swimming pool and the entire area around your swimming pool is instantly accessible.


Other options are also available to you with your swimming pool enclosure:

To discuss the full range of options available to you, please contact Aqua-Arc directly.