Door Options

Door Options for your Enclosure

Access to your swimming pool is always easy with an Aqua-Arc™  and Albixon™ Enclosure. Each segment of the Enclosure locks into the tracks on either side of the Enclosure so that your swimming pool can be totally enclosed. When you wish to use your swimming pool, simply unlock any one or more segments and slide any one or more unlocked segments along the track to open the Enclosure and provide access to your pool.

You do not have to move all segments of the enclosure to gain access. However, for maximum access, unlock all segments and slide them all down to the end of your pool (or beyond if you have extra track length installed).

Consequently, a door to your Enclosure is not absolutely necessary, so the standard Aqua-Arc™ or Albixon™ Enclosure does not include a door.

Nevertheless, you may prefer additional ease in accessing your swimming pool should you wish to use your swimming pool while the Enclosure remains in its totally enclosed position. Your choice of  a door may depend upon the positioning of the steps of your swimming pool.

You have more door options available for your convenience:

  • A swinging door at the front
  • A sliding door on the side.