Polycarbonate Options

Polycarbonate tints.

With your Aqua-Arc™ and Albixon™  swimming pool enclosure, you can choose from polycarbonate tints.

The clear (Daylight) polycarbonate maximizes the heating of the water throughout the year, yet still blocks out the harmful UV rays and provides shade up to 25% protection from direct light.

The tinted (Darkness) polycarbonate provides shade up to 40% protection from the direct light, but also reduces the heating of the water. There are situations when this type of polycarbonate may be suitable, however most commonly used polycarbonate is the Daylight.

The polycarbonate tints available for your Aqua-Arc™ Enclosure are:

  • Daylight standard

  • Darkness extra charge and conditions apply

Pool Enclosure Polycarbonate Tints

The polycarbonate tints will provide variable benefits

1. Daylight – the clear polycarbonate will provide maximum light and heat throughout the winter season.

2. Darkness – medium tint polycarbonate provides medium pool shade for areas with maximum sunlight.

Combination of polycarbonates is available to retain the most benefits of the pool area.