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praktik_1_th.jpg The standard Aqua-Arc ™ Pool Enclosure is the Practical Design which caters for most user’s needs. When you prefer to keep your pool uncovered, the Practical Design easily stacks out of the way behind your pool to maintain the natural look of your pool surroundings.
praktik_2_th.jpg praktik_3_th.jpg 71.jpg



synfonie_1_th.jpg When the surrounding architectural and garden setting necessitates a minimal visual impact, choose the lower-height Symphonic Design that allows you to better view what lies beyond your swimming pool.
synfonie_2_th.jpg synfonie_3_th.jpg 2_1.jpg



exklusive_1_th.jpg The Exclusive is a very practical design. With a near-vertical wall at one side, the Exclusive style provides the ability to walk the entire length of the pool while remaining inside the enclosure. This improves accessibility at the side of the pool.
exklusive_2_th.jpg exklusive_3_th.jpg 4.jpg



IMG_2300.JPG The Imperial Design is suitable for the larger width of the pools than standard such as 6m. With both sides near vertical walls it allows the enclosure to cover slightly raised above ground pools.
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IMG_2051.JPG The Comfort Design allows the extra space that can be used as the change room or leisure area. It also allows extra bigger entrance for people with disability.
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The Economic design is a budget enclosusure, however is not suitable for every pool shape and for further information please contact Aqua Arc.



Spa enclosure will provide the absolute comfort and pleasure using the spa. Custom manufactured spa enclosure can suite variety of spa designs.
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