Jon LePett (Casuarina)

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Dear Karin,
I received your letter today and I write to confirm that I am very happy with my Pool Enclosure.
It does all that I wanted. It keeps my pool nice and clean, free from the dust and the leaves. I find that I am using less chemicals, and fewer top ups with the water now.
I can use my pool off season with the water staying a lot warmer, even over night. I also find that I can stay in the pool a lot longer with the protection from the sun, especially when it’s really hot.
Would I recommend the enclosure to other people? Most certainly. I am also happy with the after sales service, which is always important to me.
Thank you once again,
Mr J LePett

George and Gwen Hopkins (Atwell)
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Dear Karin,
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team at Aqua Arc for the excellent completion of my new swimming pool enclosure.
Such a task obviously required insight, vision, dedication and experience – the team at Aqua Arc have it all.
I am thrilled with the workmanship, attention to detail,and continued after sales interest and have no hesitation in recommending Aqua Arc services.
I will keep you updated on progress with the diabetes and my mobility, as I believe this ability to walk and exercise in the  warm water – out of the wind – in my igloo / tunnel   is definitely going to turn my life around.
Thank you so much,
Kind regards,
Gwen Hopkins, Atwell W.A



"from George Hopkins,George Hopkins BE(civil hons), FIE Aust.

For me, the best part about having an Aqua-Arc enclosure over our pool, is not only is the water warm, clean of leaf-debris & you don’t have to remove /replace a floating blanket, but there is no wind-chill that otherwise totally spoils the experience of pools set in the open when a breeze is blowing".  With a fully enclosed pool, the air above the water stays warm and comfortable to relax in, without needing to escape from quickly because of wind-chill."



Hi Karin & Petr, (update 27/6/2011)
Gwen is still swimming regularly (& I irregularly), in the season that is now “mid-winter”.
The pool water temperature drops to 27 deg on most nights and the heating system tops the water temperature back up to 30 deg each day.
It helps to wear a “rashy”, to keep the warm water in contact with your skin, in case you encounter a cool breeze, but the temperature is quite comfortable and enjoyable.  
George Hopkins 

Helen Kendall (Maidavale)


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Dear Karin
We had our Aqua Arc installed the end of July 2010 it has exceeded our expectations, we have been swimming daily since the middle of August. 
I like to swim at 6am each day, it does not matter what the weather I can now swim and not worry about the wind, rain or cold.
No more going out and rolling off the blanket and cleaning the pool before I swim, just slide open the door and in to beautiful warm water.
We recently had a family day and opened the cover keeping a third covered at each end which meant the children were in the shade as they swam and played ball.
We can highly recommend the Aqua Arc and the care and service we received from the time of enquire to installation and follow up.
Helen Kendall

Jackie and Nigel Healey (Byford)
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I’m so glad we made the decision to cover the pool!
We now use the pool every single day, even when I arrive home at 7.30pm, its still comfortable in there, whereas previously we were only using it at the weekend. I’m looking forward to the cooler weather, just so that we can see how much longer the season will be now 
The ability to split the cover in the middle is wonderful on hot sunny days, as it still provides plenty of shade, as well as fresh air. (Unlike one of my work colleagues who has covered their pool with a colourbond roof for shade, but now the water is icy..)



Helke and Gunther (Beeliar) 

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Dear Karin and Petr,
Thank you very much for doing such a wonderful job on the supply and installation of our 6.5 m x 10 m swimmingpool dome.
We very much appreciated your professional approach, the materials you use, and the frequent feedback we received during the planning and construction period.
Due to the frustration that we experienced in keeping our pool clean and healthy, we were investigating all sorts of options which on closer inspection proved inadequate. It seemed a difficult task considering that the pool is surrounded by eucalypts with continually dropping leaves and pollen, and is filled and topped up with pretty poor borewater. The pool is a concrete salt-water pool.
 When we saw your advertisement on television, we thought this might be the answer. The result over the past four months since installation of the dome has far surpassed our expectations:
The pool is free of leaves, dust, pollen and insects.
The water is beautifully clear and blue.
The weekly top-up of up to 80 mm in summer is now reduced to about 10% of this amount of water.
The pool pump is now running a third of the previous period with the same result, producing enough chlorine to maintain healthy water.
We were particularly impressed that during a recent 8 week absence, we found that the pool required no maintenance at all.
Above all, we enjoy swimming in the pool; the water and air temperature are pleasant except on the very hottest days (when we opened both ends). Even now in June, the water temperature is still around 20°C and the air temperature is nice and warm when the sun shines.
Overall, we are extremely pleased with the dome and also think that it is a good investment.
We are happy for you to show the dome to other prospective clients.
Yours sincerely,
Helke and Gunther
20th June 2011

Chris and Suzanne (Newport NSW)

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Everything you read on the Aqua Arc website is so true. We have realized every benefit plus a few. Our pool was 20 years old, time to fill it in or renovate it. My wife won the argument so renovation it was to be, but my condition was that we would have the pool enclosed to make it useable. We live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, which is a beautiful area with many very large eucalyptus trees. The fallout from these trees all year round makes swimming pool maintenance a real burden, to the point of making the pool unusable.  I did lots of research and compared the product offerings and after lengthy discussions  with Karin, I was confident that the Aqua Arc product would meet our needs. There were some significant hurdles to be overcome. The irregular pool shape with stair entry protruding outside a rectangular footprint was modified as part of the pool renovation. This was necessary to allow a sliding track enclosure to work.  Our house is located down a fairly steep and narrow driveway and the pool is at the rear of the house, meaning that the enclosure would need to be unloaded on the driveway and each segment would need to be man handled through a carport and under-house space to the pool.  Nothing was too challenging for Karin – even a very difficult site access 3200km from the factory!  The whole project went exactly to plan and the installation was completed in 1 ½ days. We are now swimming in 27degC water encapsulated in a bubble of warm humid air, while the outside air temperature is still a cool 21degC. Wind, rain and leaves can no longer spoil our swimming. I was originally attracted by the clear polycarbonate enclosures, but after considering the high cost, higher weight and poorer thermal insulation properties, I was happy to use the semi-transparent, twin walled polycarbonate material, which has the added benefit of increased privacy, whilst still allowing a filtered view of external environment.  The pool cleaning tools have been stored away. Thank you Karin and Petr for an excellent product.
Chris & Suzanne Daly

Newport NSW

Sue (Bullsbrook WA)

"Hi Karin & Petr
Our Aqua arc is one of the best investments we have made to our outdoor life. We have a pool in an open bushland environment, no leaves, no sand and no dead wildlife either.
We’ve had to turn the chlorinator down and the water is lovely and there is no cool breeze so we swim for longer.
A big thanks.
Sue, Dave and the boys"

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28th November 2012
David & Sue Hawkins
Hi Karin & Petr,
We have no hesitation in recommending Aqua Arc to anyone wanting to enclose their pool.
We found the service impeccable. Karin and Petr turned up on time and were extremely professional from our first enquiry to final installation.
We enjoy swimming out of the chill breeze in the evenings and the water is already warm, and we’ve only had it since April 2012. Entering and exiting the arc is easy and moving the segments can be done single handedly.
Our Chlorinator has had to be turned down and the pool has remained leaf and sand free despite being in a bushland setting. It has even survived a hail storm this winter. An added bonus is that the native wildlife is now safer as well (the bobtail tried and gave up!)
Our Arc is unobtrusive in its setting and an asset to our residence.
We are happy to show it to anyone and everyone and I do show the photos of it on my mobile to friends whenever I can.
Congratulations on such a great idea and many thanks for the advertisement on television!
David & Sue Hawkins

14th January 2013

Lorraine and Parry Mahony (Kelmscott)

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Dear Karin & Petr

Like Chris & Suzanne Daly from N.S.W our pool was getting old and my husband wanted to have it removed, as he was the one cleaning and maintaining it for so many years. We do get very strong easterlies,
and also a lot of leaves and berries which would block the creepy . Even with a solar blanket it was hard work ,we found we didn’t pull the blanket off very often as it was still very dirty. Having the Aqua Arc is great as it is so easy to open the door and swim knowing it’s clean and also we don’t need to leave the creepy in anymore .It’s also great as when we go away for a week, when we get back it’s just as we left it .The water is warm and there is shade from the sun and wind , our pool will stay clean all year round thanks to Aqua Arc,  I have a very happy husband !
Thanks from Lorraine